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Technicom Int'l Global Electronics Research Corp (TIGER), based in Brighton, MI and Clearwater, FL is a research organization focused on developing leading edge solutions in various technology gaps. By using small business research funding, "TIGER" utilizes its resources in staff, university partnerships and joint development agreements with fortune 500 organizations, both military and commercial, to develop fielded product solutions to our customers in 2 years or less. Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts can provide the solutions you need.

To date, the company has fielded products in electromagnetic compatibility, (EMC) conducted immunity(CI), This robustness tester is now being sold to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

The company has also partnered with Cognitive Radio Technologies to develop smart phone based  situational awareness applications for both military, automotive, and commercial customers.  The company is also involved in diesel engine controls through neural network algorithm development.

TIGER is here to assist your by providing a wide range of products and services, depending on your needs. To speak with an experienced member of staff about our electromagnetic compatibility testers or other products, contact us online or by phone.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing



 Electromagnetic Compatibility-Simplified Product Reliability Tester

The EC-SPRT Tester was developed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the CI validation and EMC processes and address the issues below.  It is the basis for SAE Information Report J2628, Conducted Immunity Characterization (latest version = July 2013). 

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

One of the main contributors to electronics product quality is robustness to Conducted Immunity (CI).   That aspect of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) has the highest potential for warranty and customer satisfaction issues. CI testing is most often run at room temperature due to the nature of the test equipment and facilities.  Most often, very repeatable, accurate and idealized signals are used to represent the “real world”.  The “real world” contains randomness and other characteristics (e.g. complex impedances) not replicated by such idealized test signals. Randomness is extremely critical for relaibility testing of real-time  microprocessor based systems due to software trigered event.

Waveform Examples  (A1:  50v/div, 1ms/div)                                                     Figure 2, Simplified Schematic

EMC Wave form








1us/div  (switch simulator)

Waveform F:  Leading edge, 10v/div 20ms/div


Leading/Falling Edge, 10v/div, 10ms/div


EC-SPRTester Contents:

  1. Transient Generator: 
  • Includes provision for series resistance/inductance to simulate non ideal power connections (R1/R2 in Figure 2)
  • Includes Coupled Immunity - RI 130
  • Parameters preset or adjustable from front panel
  • Includes provision for series resistance/inductance to simulate non ideal power connections (R1/R2 in Figure 2

2.     Switch Noise Simulator:

  • Creates random bounce at mechanical switch transitions (adjustable duration).
  • 4 channels, separate or simultaneous activation
  • Includes non ideal switch impedances (open = 47k Ω, closed = 47 Ω).

3.   Metal Enclosure:

  • 12v power supply for Transient Generator and Switch Noise Simulator circuitry.
  • Steel construction for EMI shielding


  • SAE J2628 (July 2013), Characterization, Conducted Immunity
  • Ford EMC Specifications ES-XW7T-1A278-AC (Oct 2003) and EMC-CS-2009.1 (Feb 2010) - www.fordemc.comVehicle
  •  Battery Simulator, LVTGO-VBS


Price:    $5,900.00 U.S.


Technicom International Global Electronics Research Corp

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testers Brighton, MI & Clearwater, FL


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