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James O’Daniell Neel

  • § Virginia Tech, Cognitive Radio Research Associate, 2006-2007

(b) Appointments:

  • § President, Cognitive Radio Technologies, LLC, 2007-Present
  • § Research Associate, Virginia Tech, 2006-2007
  • § Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech, 1999-2006

(c) Selected Research Experience

  1. Cognitive Radio Technologies (2007-Present):

(PI) SBIR AF-083-160: Cognitive Radio Technology

 (PI) SBIR N08-099: Spectrum Planning and Management Capability for Radio Communications

Trade Study of Implementation of SDR: Fundamental Limitations and Future Prospects

Software for Estimating Cycle and Power Consumption of Waveforms

Software Radio Technologies Applicable to Naval Communications

  1. Virginia Tech (1999=2007):

Assessment of Emerging Wireless Technologies 2006-March 2007 (NRO). 

Application of Game Theory to Wireless Networks 2002-2006 (ONR)

Object-Oriented WLAN Simulator 2001-2002 (Boeing)

IS-95 Link Simulation 2001

Virginia Tech Space Time Advanced Radio (VT-STAR) 2001


J. Neel. J. Reed, A. MacKenzie, “Cognitive Radio Network Performance Analysis

Outstanding Paper Award] J. Neel, “Synthetic Symmetry in Cognitive Radio Networks