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Technciom Intnl, (TIGER) has been involved in S&T related research and development for both military and government entities since 2005, which has included electromagnetic compatibility testing. Prior to this, Technicom has been involved in commercial product development for automotive electronics since 1990, through an operting agreement with Global Electronics Ltd. 

Through our domain experts from industry, military and academia, we are now providing solutions in areas such as neural networks, situational awareness and ISR, engine and transmission controls development

Utilizing smart phone technology, cognitive radio solutions for military, law enforcement and first responders and other smart phone related solutions to government customers, we offer the best approach for fielding a funded solution for specific technology gaps.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Technicom has participated in over $4.5m in advanced research including universities in Florida and Nevada. Technicom is also a member of NDIA  in Florida and Nevada.

Please review out partnerships and alliances for an oover view of our capabilities. Based on your project needs, we can configure a team that will help define project functional requirements, use cases, etc. verification and validation of prototypes for proof of concept, and transitioning to commercialization through existing elationships with fortune 500 corporations.


Technicom International Global Electronics Research Corp


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